Dark Entries (Belgium)

“This Brazilian duo is full of energy and good ideas and show belief in what they do. (…) some kind of chaotic gothic post punk, but that is still enough to have a face, a sound of its own and does not drown in an eclectic knit. (…) the music is tight enough and floats on burly post punk rhythms that are sharpened here and there with arrangements that reach even to the far east as in the cover “Black Sabbath” (of the same band), bold but successful. (8 out of 10!)” In belgian


Merchants of Air (Belgium)

“A more melodic yet experimental version of post punk comes from Brazilian act The Lautreamonts, and what a version it is. In opener ‘The Adequacy Waltz’ alone acts like Cinema Strange, Dead Can Dance and Dresden Dolls came to mind. ‘Who We Were’ is a fantastic track, nudging towards shoegaze and dreampop. Yet, there is more than that, I ever hear a tad of grunge in ‘The Ones He Wore’ and closer ‘Black Sabbath’ is exactly what you’d expect, a surprisingly enigmatic cover. I often found myself thinking “damn, this is good”, not only from a personal standpoint but also as far is overall quality is concerned. This is high quality postpunk, destined to reach high peaks in that scene.”


Groundcast (Santo André / Brazil)

“The complicated thing of receveing lots of albums at the same time in august is that it takes a while until I’m able to respond everyone. And I regret that it took me so long to listen to The Lautreamonts. This song is very beautiful, I recommend it and a lot.”



Tomatrax (Australia)

Interview about the release of the EP “Who Are You Wearing?”


Crush em Hi-Fi (São Paulo / Brazil)

Interview about the release of the single “The Adequacy Waltz” (in portuguese)


WhiteLight//WhiteHeat (Italy)

Premiere of the lyric video “Who We Were”.
According to the blog, The Lautreamonts “are a breath of fresh air, in a music panorama inflated by The Cure and Joy Division copycats, with their distinctive post-punk flair rich in nuances and charm.


The Big Takeover (USA)

Very cool exclusive premiere of our EP “Who Are You Wearing?”


Essentially Pop (England)

Feature about the release of our single “The Adequacy Waltz”, where they call us “Chaotically Gothic”! \m/


Hits Perdidos (São Paulo / Brazil)

We’re on the list of the best lyric videos of august, including Boogarins, Ultramen and Elza Soares (in portuguese)


Central da Música Independente (Niterói / Brazil)

Post about the release of our first single. (in portuguese)


Canal do Rock (Brazil)

Post about our lyric video “The Adequacy Waltz”.



FlyFlew Radio / New Monday show (Germany)

Premiere of the single “Who We Were” at the New Monday show


Enter the Shadows, programa 255 (São Paulo / Brazil)

Online radio show Enter the Shadows, hosted by DJ Tonny


Dezgovernadoz / Mutant Radio (São Paulo / Brazil)

Podcast on Mutant Radio, produced by the guys at Hits Perdidos blog.