Who We Were

Who We Were

(Single) Efusiva DIY / Oblique Musique Disques – 2018

“Who We Were” is the second track of the Brazilian Post-punk duo
THE LAUTREAMONTS debut EP “Who Are You Wearing?”

Today, the band is releasing the second lyric video from their debut EP “Who Are You Wearing?” through Efusiva Records and Oblique Musique Disques, which is centered on the theme of Identity (who we are, how do we see ourselves and we’d like to be perceived).

In the video, we see the mass production of mannequins, where they are being molded, polished and put in lines, just like a big silent and faceless army.

The song’s lyrics talks about a daily battle of character who try to detach himself from his behavioral prison. An eternal loop of frustration and restart.

For fans of: Massive Attack, Elysian Fields, Dead Can Dance, the exotic and sarcasm.

Who Are You Wearing?

Efusiva Recs + Oblique Musique Disques
Rio de Janeiro, 2018


Recorded and Produced by The Lautreamonts
Lyrics by Martha F and Hudson
Music by Hudson
Guest musician: Gilber T (Tomba Orquestra, Seletores de Frequência)  on guitars.